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PA Fitness Alliance Membership Rates
Monthly Financial Contribution Levels
NOTE:  All memberships will automatically remain on monthly EFT.  60 days’  written notice required for cancellation.

  • Individual / Fitness Professional / Member Advocate | $10 per month
  • Boutiques – Revenue < $500,000 | $25 per month
  • Small Clubs – Revenue $500,000-$1.5M | $50 per month
  • Medium Clubs – Revenue $1.5 – 5M | $100 per month
  • Large Clubs – Revenue > 5M | $200 per month
  • Multi Club – Select category based on your total combined revenue for all clubs   
  • Local Suppliers/Vendors – <$100,000 of revenue from generated your business | $50 per month
  • Local Suppliers/Vendors – >$100,000 of revenue generated from your business | $100 per month
  • State/National Suppliers/Vendors | $200 per month
  • Annual Payment Option:  You may choose to pay your dues in an annual lump sum.  This payment will continue automatically annually on your calendar join date.  60 day’s written notice for cancellation required.

ANOTHER OPTION for Clubs                                        
Institute a minimal surcharge per membership per month
10 Cents per Membership per Month

Rather than pay a monthly fee you may chose to institute a minimal surcharge to each membership at the rate of 10 cents per membership per month.  Calculate what that would be on a monthly basis, keep 2 cents per membership for your own operational costs and the remaining 8 cents is your contribution to support the Alliance.  (You may choose to earmark the entire surcharge amount to support the alliance.)

Example:  3000 membership units x .10 = $300 per month.
(Alliance Monthly Commitment 3000 x .08 = $240)
(Your club keeps remaining 3000 x .02 = $60)

Note: January of each year the amount may be updated to account for any change in your membership base.

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The PA Fitness Alliance is dedicated to the ongoing purpose of providing one voice in government (local, state and federal) to represent the fitness industry in Pennsylvania. We must continue to advocate for our position as an integral part of the wellness continuum so that in the future we are viewed as critical to the welfare of the citizens of the commonwealth. To that end the alliance has secured the services of both professional advocacy experts and public relations experts to expand our message throughout the state and nation. As a member you will have input into that messaging and will benefit from it.  In addition, membership will offer you inside information, education and networking opportunities that will serve the growth and strength of your business.


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